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SEO Tips

Internet users are fund of watching videos whether it’s for educational or entertainment purposes. More and more gadgets are now being invented with the capability of playing videos. SEOs and Webmaster should grab this opportunity to outdo their competitors.

In SEO, video submissions are now being introduced. I personally think that it is the most influential and maybe the most powerful type of marketing/advertising strategy that can help a business to introduce/expose its products and services to the world. Videos are now listed in SERPs and it adds valuable links and alternative sources
to a website.

Video Optimization Tips:

  1. Video Content – Your videos should be informative and relevant as always.
  2. Baiting – Make your titles/filenames catchy.
  3. Video Length – As much as possible don’t make your video clips too long. You can also divide your video clips it into smaller parts if its quite long.
  4. Meta Data – Use relevant and appropriate keywords and put a short yet informative description in your meta data.
  5. Syndication – Submit your video to RSS
  6. Putting attractive thumbnails – This will be the one of the deciding factors if someone will going to watch your videos or not.
  7. Be Friendly – Allow users to comment and rate your video clips. This will help you to improve your videos if someone can give you good suggestions.
  8. Watermarks – We are in the Internet world; where everything’s can be copied so I strongly suggest putting watermarks in your videos to indicate your ownership and its origin.
  9. Opening and Closing Remarks – You can display an image at the beginning at ending part of your videos to enhance your brand or site awareness. It can also trigger your watchers to go directly to your web site.
  10. Link Back – Youtube offers its members to “link back” their videos to their respective websites if they uploaded or added a video, so you better grab that opportunity.

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